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In the early 1900’s while Henry Ford was putting the finishing touches on his first successful car and Orville and Wilbur Wright were figuring out how to fly an airplane: entrepreneurs in Castorland, New York and St. Joseph, Missouri were laying the foundations for two enterprises that would sustain themselves for more than 100 years.

Samuel L. Hirschey founded the Climax Incubator and Brooder Company in 1902. His patent for an incubator, which was specifically for the hatching of chicken eggs, received many national and international awards. Along with the incubator, the company began manufacturing cheese drums for local dairy producers and boxes for florists throughout the North East United States. With the promising growth of these markets, it was decided to discontinue the incubator segment of the business and focus on packaging products. Climax Manufacturing Company located in Castorland, New York was incorporated in 1904.

In 1905, in St. Joseph, Missouri another producer of folding paper boxes and corrugated shipping cases was incorporated into what eventually became St. Joseph Packaging, Inc. By 1915 the company had been purchased by Levis C. Hamilton and thus was the grassroots of a company that would remain in the Hamilton family for the next 94 years.

Both companies were and continue to this day to be very innovative, with at least five patents to their credit. In 1921 the Missouri facility was producing square paper pails for packaging peanut butter. In 1933 they received a major contract to print and die cut a cardboard chicken feeder for feed dealers across the country. In New York, they were busy adding more variety to their folding boxes product line as well and in 1939 with the purpose of securing a reliable source of raw materials, Climax purchased its current paperboard mill. The paperboard mill was acquired as a division of Climax Manufacturing Company and is located in Carthage, New York.

In May of 2008, Climax LLC was formed when an investor group led by Delta Point Capital Management LLC, based in Rochester, New York purchased Climax Manufacturing Company. Co-investors include Hamilton Lane, who is investing funds from the New York State Common Retirement Fund, with additional financing provided by New Spring Capital, licensed SBIC under the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Climax LLC purchased St. Joseph Packaging on November 1, 2009 and in March of 2010 completed a separation of the paperboard division from Climax Manufacturing Company to form three separate legal entities; Climax Paperboard Inc. (formerly the paperboard division of Climax Manufacturing Company), Climax Packaging Inc. (formerly St. Joseph Packaging) and the original Climax Manufacturing Company which makes up the original packaging business currently located in Lowville, New York.

The seamless integration of these three companies provides benefits that place us above our competition. Climax Paperboard Inc. not only provides vertical integration for material for the packaging plants, they are also diversified to offer products to the graphic arts industry and paperboard components used in bottle-sealing technology. Climax Manufacturing Company and Climax Packaging Inc. with their wide range of equipment provide the capability of providing material to the specialty retail, food service, and industrial markets. The ability to take an order, manufacture the product at the most economical plant and ship from multiple locations is a plus for our customers.

All of our companies are dedicated to provide high-quality, high-value paperboard and packaging products to our targeted specialty markets. We will continue to operate with customer focus, integrity and a commitment to our employees and our communities.


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